Brushing for just 2 minutes can reduce plaque by 80%

  • Dental Health   •   October 2, 2017

Almost everyone has heard at some point or another that they should brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. A recent dental health campaign aimed at children is calling for parents to do more to ensure that their kids brush for at least two minutes. Recently, the Washington Post spoke to Maria Lopez Howell, consumer adviser for the American Dental Association, who explained where the “two minute rule” comes from.

According to Howell, research showed that it takes two minutes of brushing to provide the teeth with optimal protection against cavities.

“It takes two minutes for the tooth enamel to uptake the fluoride [in toothpaste],” said Howell, quoted by the news source.

She added that when tooth enamel absorbs fluoride, it makes the tooth surface more resistant to the bacteria that causes tooth decay. According to the American Dental Hygenists Association, people who increase the amount of time they spend brushing from 45 seconds to 2 minutes may experience up to 20 percent more enamel strengthening.


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